About NGCS

NextGenerations Consulting Solutions LLC aka NGCS with 30 years of IT experienced professionals provides end-to-end IT integrated marketing and advertising solutions, diverse digital and multimedia plugins, content development, IT tools and apps development, traditional advertisement and contemporary marketing.

Vision & Mission

NGCS visions, “Everybody is somebody, where real respect is reliance”.

Our Approach

NGCS Process

Our in-house marketing and advertising solutions development approach embraced cutting edge technologies, where professional IT multimedia consultants around the globe together adopted and engaged in smaller projects to highly respected IT integrated digital and contemporary advertisement and marketing solutions.

Our in-house developed engineered Ad and marketing solutions approach ascribed as below,

  • During feasibility study, NGCS gathers data from various sources as end-clients, B2B clients, marketing and sales specialists, and further conduct client meetings, requirements gathering sessions called Joint Information Harvesting and Trimming (JIHT). For quick solutions NGCS also adopts rapid application development sessions, where fast track process is adopted to deliver critical timeline retrospective assignments.
  • During Business Analysis Solutions and Recommendations (BASR) phase, NGCS delivers multiple solutions by analyzing customer requirements, market analysis, target audience, legal obligations, location analysis, contractor recommendations, third party feeds, pricing, timing and resources calibrations and optimization.
  • During design phase NGCS transforms clients’ requirements and develop crystal information from raw data into design, such as drawing, graphic design and sign recognition, material and technology selection, presentation and approve final verification from client.
  • During development phase NGCS transforms design and sign arts into product at our production, anything that is not within capacity will be outsourced to third party for customization, such as buddy studios, market experts or experienced contractors.
  • During delivery phase NGCS informs clients final products readiness, verify and accept it. Also, NGCS offers to implement/execution of solutions, deliver to the intended location/site or digital space and full practice of installation.
  • During final handshake phase, NGCS ensures the clients’ acknowledgement and feedback on provided services, as a professional service provider NGCS will be in touch often for future growth and maintains strong relationships with the clients & associated products.


NGCS serves heterogeneous industries, services are not limited to only marketing and Ad but also spans across horizontal industries along with creative content development to create brands, people and meaningful business objectives,

– Corporate (B2B)

– Transportation

– Education

– Small businesses

– Commercial

– Documentary

– Short films, Movies Makers

– Campaigns

– Real estate

– Interior designers

– Ad & Marketing Agencies

– Multimedia, News Agencies

– Newspapers & Glamorous Industries

– Graphics Designs & Signs Agencies

– Events & Tradeshows

– General Contractors

– Media Suppliers & Agents

– Military, Police & Security Industries

– Governments and Contractors

– Cyber Agents & IoT Ads

Product Deployment & Support Services

· Sign & Banner Installation

· Contractors Services

· IT support & Maintenance

· Computer Networking & Support

· Content development & management

· Digital Displays and Hoarding Board Services

IT Services

· Business information systems design

· Enterprise IT Design and Architect

· Website development

· Enterprise IT services and solutions

· End-to-end networking

· Cyber Insurance

· Cyber security solutions


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